consultation and proposal write up-1 week.
Showroom meeting and finalization of the project and remodeling agreement-2-3 weeks.
Selection of materials-1-4 weeks.
Ordering and delivery of materials -4-8 weeks
(For custom cabinetry, this could take 8-10 weeks, or even 16 weeks for imported cabinets.)  Demolition and removal of old cabinetry, sinks, etc., and appliances 2-3 days. 
Floor preparation 2-3 days. 
Installation of plumbing 1-2 days. 
Electrical work 1-2 days. 
Floor installation  2-3 days. 
Wall preparation 2-3 days.
Painting  1-2 days. 
Cabinet installation  2-3 days
but can be up to 5 days for complex or large kitchens.  Countertop template-1 day 
Countertop fabrication (required for granite, solid surface, or quartz)-2-3 weeks
(but we install a temporary one until your final countertop arrives).  Countertop installation -1day
Appliance hook-up and sinks and faucets installation-1-2 days
Backsplash installation -2-3 days 
Final coat of paint -1 day
Installation of accessories, lighting, and hardware -1-2 days
Finishing touch-up and clean-up-1-2 weeks

Beaver Development & Remodeling team of remodeling consultants, designers, and professional tradesman are skilled at bringing your kitchen remodeling ideas to life. Our team members are always researching the latest trends, products, and technology in the renovation industry. So, they can confidently share their ideas too. We can show you a line of kitchens, you can see examples of kitchens we've remodeled. You may want to visit one of our current or past projects to see the quality of our works.
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Kitchen Remodeling
The money you invest for your kitchen today may bring you a profit tomorrow. Remolding Magazine reported an average 91% return on investment for kitchens, while Realtor® Magazine reported the national average as being between 84.8% and 98.5%. However, in metro areas like Los Angeles City, the average return on investment was significantly higher - an amazing 119.5% to 135%.
Kitchen Remodeling
REMODELING TIME  WORKFLOW  CONCEPT   Kitchen remodeling, are complex, to say the least. When figuring out a timeline, you need to consider not only your schedule and the construction crew, but also schedules for the designers, cabinet and countertop manufactures, and the municipal building permit departments. A renovation firm that promises a deadline that sounds too good to be true or is overly optimistic may not be an honest estimate.  Because everyone´s remodeling choices are different, we can´t give an exact time estimate here. But to give you an idea of how long a kitchen remodeling project can take, here´s a typical time line.   Remodeling Consultant´s free This schedule doesn´t include wall removals or additions, and depending on your renovation plans, it may take less or more time than this sample. This schedule also doesn´t include unexpected problems, which inevitably arise in almost every remodeling project.  Steps one through three could be completed in less than a week, if you´re ready to make quick decisions and are readily available. Or, they may take several months, if you want to spend more time researching your options.  Step four, ordering and delivery of the cabinets, usually takes 4-6 weeks, but because BDR is committed to making the remodeling process move quickly if needed, we have an exclusive contract with a cabinet manufacture that allows us to order and receive their products in as little as two days.


After you've determine a budget, next you'll want to create a vision for your new kitchen. Home magazines, remodeling television shows, and websites on kitchen styles and remodeling trends are all great ways to find ideas. You can contact us and we can share with you ideas and speak with a

Kitchen Remodeling

Los Angeles Consultant.

Your first step is to schedule a Free Consultation with one of our

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BDR team of renovation professionals can help you every step of the way We'll handle everything - the design, ordering and delivery of materials, and installation - leaving you free to focus on creating your dream, without the worry. It all starts with a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Remodeling Consultants. Schedule yours today by giving us a call, or simply filling out our online contact form.


  Kitchen Remodeling

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